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Posted on April 11, 2012 by samh

A quick note on some of the books due to hit shelves (or Amazon pages if you prefer) this month…

Everyone loves Jeff Stelling, right? Well, if you do, you’ve got to check out Jeffanory: Stories from Beyond Soccer Saturday, in which the award-winning host of Sky Sports’ Soccer Saturday and former Countdown presenter returns with a collection of what is billed as “the funniest, weirdest, most tragic, most heart-warming, under-the-radar stories of the football season”. Sounds a bit like an entertaining bog book or something to flick through on those long away days, but it might be good for a laugh. Read more…

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Posted on March 02, 2012 by samh

There were lots of trivia/fun books released at the beginning of 2012, including The Football Grounds Quiz Book: 250 Questions on Football Stadium History, by Kevin Snelgrove, 101 Things That Get Our Goat: About Football, by Rick Holden and Dave Moore, and The Football Lover’s Companion, by Johnny Morgan. Among the new biographies were The Didi Man, by Dietmar Hamann.

One of the most interesting of the recent crop of new football books, though, is the acclaimed Up Pohnpei, by Paul Watson, which is rather lengthily subtitled “A quest to reclaim the soul of football by leading the world’s ultimate underdogs to glory.” It tells the tale of two Brits who coached the worst football team in the world to their first ever victory. The island of Pohnpei is a small dot in the Pacific ocean with a population of 36,000 people. It’s one of the wettest places on earth and two thirds of the population suffers from obesity. But, Matt and Paul helped overturn the “worst team in the world” moniker by coaching them to their first victory, avenging a 16-1 defeat to neighbouring island, Guam, ten years before.

The pair were on Soccer AM recently talking about the book, and are making a film about their adventures – see the trailer here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2028948731/the-soccermen.

Keep a lookout here for more updates – hopefully we’ll be able to report on the book and future projects soon. The film project needs to raise $35,000, so do visit the Kickstarter website to find out more.

November Round-up 0

Posted on December 01, 2011 by samh

In November, Jonathan Wilson revisited the legend that was Brian Clough in Nobody Ever Says Thank You: The Biography. It claimed to be ‘the final word’ on the man, while the Sunday Times hailed it as “the most comprehensive account we have had of this remarkable man so far”. Read more…

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Posted on October 31, 2011 by samh

Nostalgia is always popular with football fans, and the rather lengthily titled Those Were The Games: A Nostalgic Look at a Century of Great Football Matches (When Football Was Football), released on October 6, promises a look back at “fascinating football matches from the last 100 years”, including the ‘White Horse’ FA Cup final of 1923.

Tim Quelch’s Underdog: Fifty Years of Trials and Triumphs with Football’s Also-Rans, published on October 14, looks back over a lifetime of watching struggling teams around the country, including some non-league teams. It’s a personal tale that also highlights the changing times and has been hailed as “a major work” by Backpass magazine.

Read more…

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Posted on September 30, 2011 by samh

Red: My Autobiography, by Gary NevilleSeptember 2011 has seen the release of a quite a few notable Manchester United-related autobiographies. First up was Red, by Gary Neville (published September 1). Paul Scholes announced his retirement just months after Neville, at the end of the 2010-11 season, and came similarly hot on his former team-mate’s heels with the rather simply titled My Story (Sep 29). Read more…

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